What is Guest posting in SEO

Guest posting is a method in SEO in which author write article for a blog or website and he will get a link for your website or blog posted in the website for return. It is winning situation for both the parties involved as author get to post his website or blog link and the website receives the content they are looking for. You can search the internet for the websites which are looking for authors to write contents for them. Then you can choose the website for which you want to write the guest post by checking the number of shares that website is getting in social media and the number of comments or hits they are receiving in their website. This will help you to decide for which website you can author the content.

Once you get to post the Guest Post SEO for a blog or website, author will receive lot of comments and feedbacks for that article if the content is good. Through the content author can get to interact with people by replying to their comments. Also link present in their website will help to generate more hits to author’s own website or blog. People will tend to follow the author if they are satisfied that content is very good. In this, it will help author to generate more hits. It is an effective way to promote your website if you have good writing skill as people will love to read well written articles directly in author’s website they will subscribe to your website which in turn will produce hits. Guest Post SEO one of several off page SEO Techniques used to gain more hits to their website.

It helps to establish the relationship with blogger hosting your post and tapping in to their audience for additional exposure. Also helps spreading your authority among the online readers. Probably it is one of the more powerful tools used to build links and it is still popular among users. Likewise you can invite other people to author content in your website so that they will also have the reciprocal advantage. seo Oakville

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