All White Hat – The Ultimate Guest Posting Guide

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Hello everyone! Considering how this is the very first blog post on our site, we’d like to start with helping newbie guest bloggers. Since here at Post Me we aim to spread an advocacy towards ethical guest blogging (purely white hat), what better way to do it than to share a walk through on how to actually guest post right?

In this guide, we’ll share with you the tools that you need to make your guest posting tasks more efficient. The best part is… all of the tools are free! You won’t be asked to purchase or any of that! We’ll focus on getting you up and running on your guest posting career the ETHICAL WAY.

That said, if you ever have any questions or if there’s something that isn’t clear to you, do message us in the comments section below and we’ll try our best to answer your questions.

Without further adieu, here’s what your walk through to guest posting.

1.)    Use advanced Google queries to obtain your prospect sites

If you aren’t familiar with the advanced Google queries, don’t worry because we have you covered.

I’ll share with you TONS of search queries that you can use to flesh out your niche related sites that accepts guest posts. See the bottom part of the post.

For now, let’s consider gardening as you niche. In this case, you need to type in Gardening “write for us” on Google’s search engine.


At this point, the results should be showing the gardening sites that has the exact phrase “write for us” on their site.

That’s the significance of adding the quotation mark on your keywords. Google will show the exact search results if you add the quotation mark.

Hint: Before doing this, you can go to Google’s search settings (the gear looking button on the upper right part of the page) then change the number of results from the standard 10 to 100 results. This will help you save time when scraping the links.

2.)    Scrape the links of the results.

Simply opening each link one by one and checking the site’s stats will take you years to finish. To solve that, you can scrape the links all at once using a scraper tool.

Click here to add the free tool in your chrome extension.

Once you have the scraper tool added, you then have to right click on one of the search results (I suggest that you click the third result), then click the scraper tool (named scrape similar).


A pop-up should appear with the scraped links. You then have to click the “Export to Google docs” button on the lower right hand side of the pop-up.


The links will then be exported to Google docs. From there, just copy and paste the exported links on G docs to your excel spreadsheet.

3.)    Get the domain and TLDs of the links ONLY.

Instead of manually removing the “http’s” and “www’s” of your links, you can just highlight the entire column of your excel spreadsheet then click the “Find & select” button then click “replace”.

A pop-up should appear then type in “http://” on the “Find what” space then leave the “Replace with” space as blank then click replace all.


Notice that after this process, some of the links will still have “www.” While others don’t. In this case, use the same process that we used to remove the “http://” to remove the “www.”.

Then do the same process again but this time, instead of typing in “http://” on the “Find what” space, type in “/*” instead then still leave the “Replace with” space as blank. This will remove everything that’s written after the TLD’s (.com, .org, .net, etc…) of your links.

Hint: While others have different factors that they look into when link prospecting like social shares etc, this guide is focused on using the site’s DA and PR as reference.

4.)    Get the site’s stats

Now that we have the site’s domain names and TLDs only, to increases the chances of us linking to high quality sites, we tend to add the parameters of PR 2 and DA 20 – 30+ on the links. In this case let’s use DA 20.

To obtain the PRs and DAs of our scraped liks, we need to use mozcheck and

Just copy and paste the domains on your excel sheet on both mozcheck and bulkpagerank and you should obtain the site’s DAs and PRs. While mozcheck also gives other information about the sites, just focus on the DA instead.

5.)    Remove sites with DAs lower than 20 and PR lower than 2

I would like to emphasize that not all sites with DA lower than 20 and PR lower than 2 are low quality sites. And the flip side is also true… Not ALL sites with high PR and DA are quality sites. New sites normally have low figures since they aren’t established yet but that doesn’t mean that they are low quality. Besides, who’s to say that these new sites aren’t the future mashable or techchrunch right?

But if you’re trying to weed out a lot of poor quality sites and want to narrow down your list, then you can use the PR 2 and DA 20 as your parameter.           

6.)    Get the site’s contact info and guidelines

At this point, since we’re using free tools you need to manually go through each links and obtain the email and names of the webmasters.

Please also take note of the site’s guest posting guidelines to make sure that you are complying with the webmasters rules.

If you feel like the task is a bit tedious or you do not have enough time for this, you can also have the task outsourced on sites like Fiverr, Odesk, etc.

Since the task is pretty much copy and paste, you don’t have to pay too much for it.


7.)    Craft an email outreach template

Now although I mentioned the word template, you need to realize that you simply can’t copy paste your template. You still need to make adjustments to it (minor or major depending on the specific site you’ll send it to) so as to add the personal feel to it.

Besides, if you just copy paste everything then you’d be spamming the webmasters. If you want to REALLY grow on this field, then know that spamming won’t get you anywhere.

Here are a couple of things to look in to when crafting emails:

  • Try to make it sound casual. Avoid using “Good evening Mr. (last name)”. Using “Hi (first name)” has a better chance of converting.
  • Make it short and simple.
  • DO NOT butter up the webmasters if you aren’t sincere about what you’re saying. They’re A LOT smarter than you think.
  • DO NOT talk about yourself and your achievements. Instead focus on them and how they can benefit from your guest post.
  • You can also refer to the 10 commandments of guest posting.


8.)    Send the emails and wait for their replies

I suggest that you give them 4 – 8 days to reply to your email. Understand that these webmasters are very busy and they may not be able to get back to you instantly.

If they still do not reply within 4 – 8 days, you can send them a follow up email or hit them a buzz on their social media profiles.

9.)    What you need to do after they reply to your outreach

If they accept your guest post, you need to thank them and in one way or the other, offer to be a regular contributor to their site.

The fact that they accepted your post is an indication that they liked it. If you offer to be a regular author on their site, this should help you establish an even better relationship with them plus help you with the quality links as well.

If however they do not accept your post… Do not take it the wrong way. Everyone get’s denied one way or the other so don’t put yourself down too much.

Be sure to thank them still for taking the time to consider your guest post and ask them if there’s anything else that you can help them with or if there’s any other topic that they want written.

The main point here is be professional and to remember that building relationships is better than just having a link posted.


Alright that about sums up your guest posting task!

If you follow these steps, your guest posting tasks should be a lot easier. Just be sure to RESPECT THE WEBMASTERS by giving them nothing but your best and what their community needs.

Remember… It’s all about building relationships!


Ow right the search queries…

Note: Just please change the keywords on the queries accordingly since the keywords used are for the gardening niche so as to be consistent with the steps above.

“submit * post” Plants                                                                       “submit * guest post” Plants

“submit * blog post” Plants                                                             “add * blog post” Plants

“submit *article” Plants                                                                    ”suggest *guest post” Plants

“send *guest post” Plants                                                                 “write for us” Plants

“become * author” Plants                                                                ”guest bloggers wanted” Plants

“guest posts wanted” Plants                                                            ”become * guest author” Plants

“become * guest writer” Plants                                                      ”guest column” Plants

“submit * post” Gardening                                                               “submit * guest post” Gardening

“submit * blog post” Gardening                                                     “add * blog post” Gardening

“submit *article” Gardening                                                            ”suggest *guest post” Gardening

“send *guest post” Gardening                                                         “write for us” Gardening

“become * author” Gardening                                                        ”guest bloggers wanted” Gardening

“guest posts wanted” Gardening                                                    ”become * guest author” Gardening

“become * guest writer” Gardening                                              ”guest column” Gardening

“submit * post” Garden                                                                      ”submit * guest post” Garden

“submit * blog post” Garden                                                            ”add * blog post” Garden

“submit *article” Garden                                                                   “suggest *guest post” Garden

“send *guest post” Garden                                                                ”write for us” Garden

“become * author” Garden                                                               “guest bloggers wanted” Garden

“guest posts wanted” Garden                                                           “become * guest author” Garden

“become * guest writer” Garden                                                     “guest column” Garden

It’s your turn!

If you have any questions, suggestions or perhaps something to share about guest blogging, I urge you to message us in the comments section below.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Cheers!