Content Marketing: Ninja vs Pirate Style

on 18 Oct, 2013 - 0 comments

Ninjas vs Pirates

Ninjas vs Pirates. Photo source: Kenny Louie (FLICKR)

Are you a content marketing ninja or pirate? You may have heard about the ninjas vs pirates debate online before, but we wanted to take this meme and use it to talk about the importance of quality content online.

Content Marketing Ninjas

Here’s a look at the ninja style of content marketing.

  • Precision – One of the best abilities of a content ninja is being precise. Being able to zero on a target and use stealth, a content marketing ninja can produce content that will hit the bullseye each and every time.
  • In and Out – Moving quickly – having an idea and implementing it soon after – is another advantage of the content marketing ninja. The ability to turn on a dime and react to changing circumstances is important. For example, if a topic starts trending, a content ninja can quickly create a piece of killer content.
  • Lots of Training – Most content ninjas have a lot of training and have spent many years gaining experience. Only by battling with the written word on a daily basis can a writer get better over time. This is one of the strengths of the ninja style of content creation – the dedication to craft and technique.

Content Marketing Pirates

Next, a look at the pirate style of content marketing.

  • Wild and Boisterous – Unlike their ninja counterpart, the content marketing pirate is loud and boisterous. There’s a good chance they have a blog as well as several social media accounts so they can show their swagger at every available opportunity.
  • Colorful and Powerful – In addition to creating a lot of content, they also make sure it’s colorful. This is why their shorter content bursts will sometimes work better than a super long piece that’s boring. A content marketing pirate packs a lot of punch with his keyboard mightier than a cutlass. They also use colorful language which can be very powerful when used correctly.
  • Help From Others – While ninjas usually work alone, pirates are known for having a merry band of followers and people who help make their jokes and content that much better. Writing engaging content that gets people to comment is quite a feat, but something the content pirate does easily.

The Best Strategy for You?

Which content marketing style is better for you? The truth is that to really succeed you’re going to need to be a content ninja and pirate. To stand out from the crowd and get noticed, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your content entertaining, informative and relevant.

By combining the pros of the content marketing ninja and pirate, you can make sure you’re ready for anything. To get ahead on the web these days you really need to stand out from the crowd. Having high quality content can help you do this. Just make sure the right person is doing the job so you see the best results.